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  • Appalachian Trail

    Things to Do in North Carolina: Visit the National Parks

    Writer Walter Stegner once called the National Park System "America's best idea." Considering millions of people take to parks across the country every year to relax, have an adventure and take in the great outdoors, it's hard to argue with that statement. With placid beaches, rugged mountain chains and over four centuries of accumulated history, it's no surprise that North [...]

  • Top 10 Craft Breweries in North Carolina

    North Carolina has experienced a craft beer renaissance as of late thanks to the rapid proliferation of world-renowned local breweries. A slew of increasingly popular beer trails like the Raleigh Beer Trail, the Asheville Ale Trail and the Charlotte Beer trail make sampling the local product a memorable experience. Here's a quick look at the top 10 breweries in North [...]

  • wright brothers memorial

    Top 10 Historical Sites to Visit in North Carolina

    With a number of excellent beaches to the east, a gorgeous stretch of the wild and untamed Blue Ridge Mountains to the west and a wide variety of cities, towns and other attractions in between, North Carolina is a wonderful place to visit. As one of the original 13 colonies, the Tar Heel State is especially appealing if you're a [...]

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Welcome to the Tar Heel State! Your visit to North Carolina is sure to be fantastic, but be warned: you may never want to return home.

You might only know North Carolina for its famed Research Triangle region and prestigious universities, or for its wide-ranging terrain from the beaches of the Outer Banks to the peaks of the Smoky Mountains. But once you learn more about the state and all that its cities and towns have to offer, you’ll want to explore every square mile of North Carolina and leave no stone unturned; In North Carolina, as you’ll soon find, there’s no shortage of beauty and charm for you to discover.

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