Established in 1768, Charlotte, North Carolina, has at least 842,000 residents, and if you travel to the city, you can visit well-known restaurants, theaters, amusement parks, museums and historical neighborhoods. Once guests examine an overview of Charlotte, North Carolina, tourists may explore numerous reserves that feature mountains, lakes, overlooks, trails and rivers that attract kayakers. Moreover, many travelers visit the Charlotte Convention Center, which regularly hosts concerts, festivals and events that are related to historical themes.

History of Charlotte

Before the city was founded, the initial settlement was created at the junction of two major trails, and by 1810, the city contained more than 4,500 inhabitants. During the 1850s, various companies constructed railroads near the city, and when studying Charlotte history, many researchers determined that the railroads doubled the number of regular visitors within five years. In 1900, Charlotte, North Carolina, had around 20,000 residents, yet during 1940, the city was inhabited by more than 100,000 individuals. Since 2005, the number of residents increased by at least 15 percent.

It’s been suggested that the city may contain more than 1.2 million residents by 2025. Furthermore, multiple estimates have indicated that at least 2.2 million individuals could reside in the city’s metropolitan area before 2030.

Charlotte Restaurants and Breweries

When you are exploring the city, you can visit numerous Charlotte restaurants, such as the Fig Tree, Good Food on Montford, Barrington’s Restaurant, the King’s Kitchen, the Mimosa Grill and the Upstream Restaurant. Tourists frequently dine at the Heirloom Restaurant, which features a rustic style and many relatively uncommon foods. Visitors can enjoy custom steaks, many types of shrimp, unique burgers and fine wines.

If you are evaluating Charlotte restaurants, you could visit Stagioni, which offers many types of Italian dishes. Established in 2013, the restaurant features a sizable bar, and guests may dine in a large courtyard that was created before 1925.

Tourists may visit the Sugar Creek Brewery, the Wooden Robot Brewery and Resident Culture Brewing. If you are searching for Charlotte breweries that regularly attract many local residents, you can dine at Sycamore Brewing, which serves numerous types of sandwiches and dishes that are common in Europe. Additionally, the company frequently hosts well-known events, and during certain events, guests can sample dishes that numerous food trucks offer. When you explore Charlotte Breweries, you may also visit the Catawba Brewing Company, and this well-known brewery features outdoor tables, a historical theme and many types of customizable drinks.

Things to Do in Charlotte

When tourists are exploring Charlotte, North Carolina, the guests may visit the Discovery Place, the Charlotte Museum of Natural History, the Bryant Neighborhood Park, the Levine Center for the Arts and the Mint Museum. Once you evaluate things to do in Charlotte, North Carolina, you can travel to Carowinds, which is an amusement park that features more than 60 rides. With a size of at least 400 acres, the amusement park contains 13 roller coasters, and tourists may visit multiple restaurants, attend special events, explore the water park and enjoy concerts.

Many visitors tour the Carolinas Aviation Museum, and this facility contains replicas of historic aircraft, images of especially old aircraft, components that are compatible with historic airplanes and videos that highlight the achievements of many aviators. Moreover, you can view numerous blueprints that were created during the 1920s, and certain exhibits feature descriptions of concept aircraft that were not manufactured.

Once you consider things to do in Charlotte, North Carolina, you can travel to Crowders Mountain State Park, and this sizable reserve contains many trails that are ideal for hikers, ravines that offer excellent views and eight species of relatively rare birds. The preserve is conveniently situated near a historical farm that attracts at least 8,500 guests during each year. Furthermore, visitors frequently travel to the Catawba River, which is situated to the west of the city, and tourists can enjoy kayaking, swimming, camping and canoeing.

Charlotte Hotels

The city’s central section contains many Charlotte hotels, such as the Westin Hotel, the Omni Charlotte Hotel, the Golden Green Hotel, the Dunhill Charlotte and the Holiday Inn. Guests can also find a wide variety of hotels in the eastern districts, and many travelers regularly visit the Residence Inn and the Comfort Inn at Carowinds. If visitors are searching for Charlotte hotels that offer reduced rates, the tourists may consider hotels that are situated in the southeastern section of the city. Most of these facilities are located near Route 51 and Interstate 485, and many of these hotels are situated near a forested reserve that the University of North Carolina manages.

Featured Charlotte Hotels

Country Inn & Suites

131 East McCullough Drive
Charlotte, NC 28262

SpringHill Suites

8700 Research Drive
Charlotte, NC 28262

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